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5 Lessons I’ve Learned This Spring

May 28, 2009

I’ve been thinking lately about what I have learned about gardening and about myself this spring. Here are five things I have discovered while working in the Carolina Victory Garden.

  1. I need to label my plants and seeds as they are planted. Right then. Not a moment later. I always think that I can remember the order until I get back inside to make tags…but I can’t. There are too many distractions in my life for that right now.
  2. If I am going to use the Square Foot Gardening method, I need to get better at sowing seeds in an orderly manner or perhaps use a template. As my seeds have grown, I realize that there is no order within the squares and that the squares themselves are not very, well, square. ( Does this sound a bit OCD?) For the most part the plants don’t seem to mind, though there is some crowding to be dealt with among the carrots.
  3. I need to remember to get my soil tested sometime before the beginning of the season. The resources are available through my local Cooperative Extension Service. I can’t improve the soil in my garden for maximum yield unless I know what is lacking.
  4. Patience. No matter how many times I “watch” the garden, it won’t grow faster or larger.
  5. Throwing plant waste into a bin does not create compost. Other ingredients are required. I need to learn more about the art of composting.
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