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Green Beans

May 29, 2009

Bush beans thru tomatos Runner Beans

My family loves green beans. Even the dog loves green beans so I was excited to try my hand at growing two varieties of beans this year.  and the dry shelling pole bean Bingo. I planted the the green bush bean Venture in an area of the garden and they are growing strong. They are beginning to bloom and I am looking forward to a good crop.

I planted the dry shelling pole bean Bingo among two rows of corn with the intention that the beans would climb the corn. Unfortunately, some creature chomped the corn plants off at the base and so the beans are looking for another source of support. All but three of the heirloom tomato plants are in the front of the bed where I planted the beans and corn so, in the absence of the corn, the beans are running up the tomato cages. I need to find another means of support for the beans before they decide to run up the tomato plants as well. I hope to have my son who is a Boy Scout to lash some stakes together to make tripods for the beans to run. With luck, they will then leave the tomatoes alone.

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