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Summer Harvest Fall Planting

June 24, 2009

The summer harvest is well under way here in the Carolina Victory Garden. As previously posted, I have gathered peas and bush beans. I was away from the garden last week and was pleased to find good progress in the garden. Tonight we will have what is perhaps the final salad from my spring planting of salad greens, one beefsteak tomato and one cucumber.

The bush beans have one or two more meals on the vine. A great accomplishment since I only planted one pack of bean seeds. The Marion tomatoes are beginning to produce and I am looking forward to tasting those by the end of the week. The pole beans also need to be picked due to storm damage. We should get at least one good meal off of those plants. My one swiss chard that came up is ready to be picked too. Now all I need to do is plan menues to go around each of these items.

As I checked this morning in my South Carolina Master Gardener’s book and online with the local Cooperative Extension, the time to plant fall veggies is in the next few weeks here in the South Carolina Piedmont. I need to get busy planning what to plant in the available spaces in my garden. I must admit, I feel a little rushed. Didn’t I just plant this crop? Oh well, just another rythm to get used to I suppose. What will you be planting for fall?

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