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Late Summer in the Carolina Victory Garden

August 11, 2009

Carolina Victory Garden 9 August 2009

Here is the back yard garden area at the Carolina Victory Garden in late summer. It is not as lush and green now as it was this spring. The days have been hot and humid and, while there has still been rain, it has been several days since the last drop. I have learned many things in this part of the garden this summer and I thought I would summarize a few of them for you today.

It really does matter, even in a square foot garden, how close together the plants are planted. My Kohlrabi, leeks, beets and broccoli all grew better when I thinned the plants to give them room to grow.

It is important to remember where you planted what so that there are no cases of mistaken identity.

If you are going to grow heirloom tomatoes, have a very,very sturdy trellis or cage to support the vines. (We’ll talk about that in more depth later this week.)

Make sure that the cage or trellis is well anchored so that it doesn’t blow over during storms.

It is ok to loosen the ground in between the plants to eradicate weeds. Crusty soil prohibits growth. Hoeing helps.

I need to learn more about plant diseases and their remedies.

I need to learn the identities of the various insects that live in my garden and what their intent is with respect to the welfare of said garden.

What did you learn from YOUR garden this year so far?

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