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Out of Hibernation

March 7, 2010

Over the past few weeks I have been reminded of my time living in Alaska. Each year in February it would seem that I just couldn’t get enough sleep. It was cold and dark and I just wanted to hibernate. Then the days would start to lengthen and it was as though the whole world awakened from a long winter’s nap. This weekend I have enjoyed a bit of that reawakening. The days have been in the 60s with bright sunshine and clear skies. I took the opportunity to head out and clean up the raised beds that I didn’t get to in the fall. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the hard rains and freeze/thaw cycles seem to have broken up the soil that was so hard last year. I may even be able to coax a few carrots, radishes and beets from the ground this year.

Snow in the Carolina Victory Garden 2010 Second Snow

One thing I noticed was that we had a bit of erosion during the really hard rains that were mentioned a post or two ago. Where there were leaves covering the ground solid, there is now a bare trail that looks a bit like a dry creek bed on the left when looking out from the house. On the right, around the victory garden, you can see similar erosion where the water followed the contour of the mulched area.

Water Trails

I threw caution to the wind and planted a few kale seeds just before the last snow. I can’t remember the date at the moment, been too busy with the business to keep everything in my mind. I’ll probably follow shortly with swiss chard and salad greens. I have discovered that my family likes kale tossed with olive oil and sprinkled with kosher salt, roasted in the oven until crispy. It’s almost like really thin chips and very tasty.

Stella d'oro Lillies

I was relieved to see the Stella D’oro Lillies and Daffodils poking their leaves through the fall and winter debris in the front flower beds. I’ve said before how much I love having the Lillies in the front. They just bloom and bloom and bloom. For now I will be satisfied with the green leaves! Spring ON

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