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Rosemary with Global Aspirations-update

March 23, 2010

Large Rosemary Plant

Two years ago this rosemary plant was a mere seedling, planted in the original Carolina Victory Garden which consisted of one 8 X 3 foot raised bed. It shared space with tri color sage, salad greens, spinach, tomatoes and peppers. Then it began to have delusions of grandeur. It has grown and grown and grown to the point where there is not much room for anything else in the bed.

I’d really like to use this spot more productively. The question of the day…can a rosemary bush of this size be successfully transplanted or would it be best to start over? I’d like to move it to the front flower bed. This would satisfy in part Garden Goal #6 and besides, this rosemary bush looks better than the bushes that are already growing in that bed!

So what do you think? Will I be able to transplant this monster or should I just start over with a new seedling?

UPDATE: Well, I decided to remove the rosemary bush in favor of having more space in the original garden bed and will be planting one or two new rosemary plants in the front flower beds per goal #6. The rosemary bush was blooming this morning as we began to remove it. Here are the last photos…

Original Garden bed reclaimed

Rosemary blossoms


Rosemary blossom

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