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Easter in the Country Garden

April 6, 2010

Well I missed 5 perfect planting days here in the Carolina Victory Garden, but they were spent in the beauty of the Country Garden in Oconee County, SC. We spent much of our time doing maintenance, ancient trees to trim, brush to cut back, meals to cook and more wedding plans to make all while visiting with the patriarch of the family. Loki, our yellow lab was in seventh heaven in his role as the supervisor of all things outside. He is collapsed on the den floor now for a welcome rest after five days of intense fun. I’ve brought back a number of photos of the highlights from the yard my mother-in-law worked so hard to create. Daffodils, dogwoods both white and pink, and one or two items that I can’t identify. I hope you enjoy the photos. If you happen to know the identity of anything unidentified, please speak up!

Dogwood in the sun Wheelbarrow

Hydrangea leaves unfurlingPink dogwood

Unidentified Pink Bush White Double Daffodils
White Iris daffodils Snow dropsh

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