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July 10, 2010

This year we had a very hot, dry June. The front garden boxes, as I have said in other recent posts has born the brunt of being in the sun for most of the day as it faces south. Even the sunflowers have not grown as they normally would have. Let me illustrate the difference:

Pitiful Front Garden July 2010

Here is this year’s front garden bed. The sunflowers are less than 3 feet tall and none of them have bloomed. A couple of volunteer cosmos have bloomed, but they are very scrawny. All of the squash, cucumber and pumpkin plants I planted in this bed have either burnt up or have been killed by squash vine borers.

Sunny 6

Contrast that with this photo taken July 17th 2009. This sunflower was one of many in the front garden and it was nearly 6 feet tall! You can see more on that at The Gift of Sunshine . In the paper today it says that the hot, dry conditions have returned all of South Carolina to a drought…thought not a severe one…yet. Time will tell what is yet to come. As for me, I’ll be re-thinking my planting schedule and what I put in that bed in the future.

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