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August 14, 2010

I noticed a curious thing the other day. The daffodil bulbs that I planted two years ago have worked their way out of the dirt. Some are just laying on top of the soil. No, they weren’t dug up by a critter, they just lifted themselves. I’ve never seen bulbs do that before and I guess I must not have planted them deep enough. They have bloomed beautifully both years, so it didn’t stunt their growth. There is a batch of daffodils in each of the front flower beds. I ordered one batch and the other came out of my mother-in-law’s garden.

I called a gardener friend who suggested I should go ahead and get them out of the ground and then replant them after adding a little bone meal to each planting area. I’ve dug up one batch and divided them. I’ll wait until the Black-eyed Susans die back a bit to dig up the other batch. I still need to get the bone meal to add to the soil mixture.

Have you ever seen bulbs lift themselves out of the ground? Why would they do that?

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