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The First Seed Order is Here…Does Distance Count?

March 1, 2012

It’s an exciting day! My first seed order has arrived and now we have moved from the dreaming over the catalog phase to the impatience of waiting for the right time to plant. It isn’t lost on me that today was an unseasonably warm day here. The high today was 80 degrees, just two degrees short of the all time record of 82 degrees.

One thing I didn’t take into consideration this year when ordering my seeds was where the seed company was actually located. I’ve lived all over the country and have favorites on all points of the compass. However, after watching the shipping charges mount along with the gas prices, I’ve decided that next year the bulk of my seed order will come from companies on this side of the country. It’s just not a good example to say that you want to be as green, sustainable and organic as possible and then turn around and increase the carbon load by having things shipped from the other side of the country. If I’m going to do that, I might as well go to the grocery store and not worry about buying local. In my defense, the companies that are far away each got relatively small orders, but so did the one that was closest.

What do you think? Should distance be a consideration when one orders seeds for the garden?

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