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5 Reasons to Have a Garden Development Plan

March 8, 2012

I know, I know, I hear it everyday in the business world. A plan? Sure, I have a plan. Where? Right here in my head. Well, just as in business so in gardening. If you don’t have your plan recorded in a form that is visible for others to see, much can go awry. Here are my top 5 reasons why you need to have a plan for how you will develop and maintain your garden:

1. You need a plan so you know how much of the yard will have to be converted to garden space. That way you can fend off any possible objections your spouse might have to removing his pretty lawn. Been there, done that…see my previous post, Averts Marital Dispute!

2. You need a plan so that you can communicate effectively with your garden partners how big a spot needs to be plowed, tilled or otherwise turned into garden space. For example, when we lived in Texas, we lived in a farming community. A very sweet gentleman from our church offered to plow me a garden plot. He and my husband were really excited to put the tractor into action until the farmer realized that his plow was bigger than our entire yard! (He was a professional with a very LARGE tractor.) It was a very “Tim the Toolman Taylor” kind of moment. On the other hand, my garden partner went over to the country garden without me last weekend and started working on some beds. I am not sure how big the space is, exactly where in the general area we have chosen he actually did the work or anything. I’ll find out Monday when I head over.

3. You need a plan so that you can plan to purchase the most effective tools–right size, right price, right functionality. I discovered a new blog the other day, called “Fourth Generation Farm Wife”. She offers the perfect example of this in one of her latest posts called “Farmers Know Best”. It is a humorous and insightful lesson in communication and planning.

4. You need a plan so that you can order the right seeds in the right amounts to get the most from your money and your garden. I have to admit, I ordered an onion sampler without realizing that I would receive 75 slips of each variety. That’s a lotta onions! On the other hand, we eat a lot of onions so it should be ok if my garden helper created enough room in the beds in the country garden to accommodate the onions AND all of the other things I plan to plant in that garden.

5. You need a plan so that you know what to plant where and when. I’ve received all of my seed orders except for the onions and the sweet potatoes. Now I have to sort them by garden.


This year we planned to plant root vegetables, popcorn, squash, pumpkins and gourds in the country garden…and maybe a few more things in the country garden. I sure hope there is enough space prepared!  Time will tell.

What does your garden plan look like? Have you developed your vegetable garden in phases over several years or did you prepare the entire space all at once?

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  1. March 8, 2012 8:50 pm

    Thanks for the shout out! Much appreciated. To answer you question, my garden is a several phase process taking years. I think all the good ones take time, care, and trial and error.

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