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Pumpkins and Popcorn

April 24, 2012

My garden helper sent these photos last evening with a report from the Country Garden. It seems some things are growing well and some things aren’t. No surprise there I suppose. I was pleased to hear that both pumpkin patches and the squash patch were showing strong growth. The onions appear to be doing well as is the Popcorn so far. The Celeraic and the gourds are either a no-show or my garden helper just didn’t recognize the seedlings. He forgot to check on the sunflower seeds so I hope to get another report tonight.

Red Warty Thing Pumpkin Vines

As you can see, the seedlings for the Red Warty Thing Pumpkins, at least two of them, are off to a promising start. With luck we will dodge animal, bad insect and disease this year and actually get a pumpkin or two. I’ve tried several times to plant pumpkin in the Carolina Victory Garden to no avail…squash vine borer and/or powdery mildew on the leaves has killed the plants well before maturity every time.

Popcorn Seedlings

The popcorn has a long way to go as well. Year before last I tried a little corn in the Victory Garden only to have the rabbits nibble it down to nubs. It occurred to me the other day that I need to do a little more research on popcorn. I have no idea what to do with it once it matures assuming it will get that far. I know it will have to be taken off the ear, but does it need to dry first? If you’ve grown popcorn do you have any guidance?

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