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Welcome to my Carolina Victory Garden! After many years of living in the Pacific Northwest, we are now home in the Carolinas, South Carolina specifically, but just a few miles south of Charlotte, North Carolina, in what is known as the South Carolina Piedmont. I am the Carolina Victory Gardener, Lauren. I remember the beautiful gardens my grandparents grew and I am hoping to hone my skills so that I can have such a garden too someday. In the meantime, I will record my victories and my defeats for your amusement along with a few photos now and then. Perhaps you will even learn from my mistakes.

My gardening companions include my husband and children, Loki the Labrador who oversees the work and digs a few holes now and then, and sometimes, my wonderful neighbor whose garden is right next to mine. We meet out in the garden often just to drink in the joy and wonder of having the plants grow while discussing gardening, children and life in general. It is often the highlight of my day.

I’d like to consider you my neighbor too. Come on over to the Carolina Victory Garden Blog, share your comments, wisdom and experience. I’ll come visit your blog too as neighbors do.

UPDATE: A lot has happened since I last posted on this blog. I had every intention of continuing to garden and to write, to visit here with every gardener who dropped by. It has been a busy time and a challenging one. Just to catch you up a little, I lost one season to an injured knee and another to working and to moving full time into the house at the Country Garden with all that implies. All the children are now off at college and Chloe has joined Loki as an assistant garden dog and chief squirrel chaser.

We did have a garden last year. It grew very little except for Okra. We had great Okra, a few ears of corn, a few tomatoes and three cucumbers. We discovered that Loki is a tomato thief. He steals them right off the vine! Cheeky dog…

This new adventure in the country takes us back to our roots. We now live in the home where my husband grew up, in the South Carolina county where both our families have lived for over 100 years. There is more space for gardening and the opportunity to have a couple of cows or a few goats or sheep and maybe even a bee hive or two. Time will tell. There will be plenty of opportunities for learning as we move from our small collection of raised beds to about 7000 square feet of garden space for vegetables. I am sure we will make plenty of mistakes and perhaps a few pleasant discoveries. My goal is now, as it was at the beginning, to be more self-sufficient and to feed my family really good food. I hope you will drop by again sometime to see how things are going! L

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